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Twiddly.Bits Hip Hop Shop

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Product Description

Old school breakbeats, jungle style grooves for modern R&B, basslines, FX (sirens, heartbeats, scary noises..) and what can only be described as 'stuff' (weird trumpet lines, and disembodied guitar licks), this is not a body of work for the faint hearted.

Hip Hop Shop leans unashamedly towards the rhythm section with well over 300 drum loops ranging from classic breakbeats, to humanistic funk grooves, 808-style beats, intricate R&B loops, and much more. Drums are complemented by almost 200 separate basslines reflecting hip hop's wide stylistic range from filtered synth to jazzy upright bass to anchoring bass guitar.

There's also plenty of innovative keyboard parts, from bits of jazz piano, to snaky solo synth lines, heavy on the portamento, to the multi-instrument category of 'Mix' which offers a ragbag of atmospherics over which to lay a beat or use as instant background for an existing track. All extremely useful stuff.

The native Yamaha Motif Pattern formats not only breath new life into the beats but Motif itself has become something of a go-to platform for hip hop producers over the past five years.

SMF Type 1 file format. Guaranteed to work with all DAWs and hardware sequencers that can load/import .MIDs: Cubase (all versions, including LE and Sequel), GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic, Acid, Reason, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Live, and Cakewalk (all version), and with all VSTs or synth sound sources.

Available Formats
The file/mapping formats that come with this download include:

  • SMF [.mid]
  • Moti[w3p]
  • More than 600 unique, royalty-free MIDI loops!
  • Hip hop construction sets
  • More than 300 breakbeats alone
  • SMF format with standard GM mapping (see below for additional formats)
  • Players and programmers include Ron E Beck, Chuck D protege Bill Turner, Al Eaton (Ice-T, Queen Latifah), Chronic Music's The Beat Professor, and many others.
  • Instant download: start working in 2 minutes!
  • Categories and Loops
    DRUMS (350); BASS (178); JAZZ PIANO (30); FUNK PIANO (30), SYNTH (38), EFFECTS (40); MISC. STUFF (80).

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