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Twiddly.Bits Gridlok

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Product Description

If you've ever needed sample-accurate synchronization for Logic's track automation parameters but didn't want to spend the time to programming MIDI data from scratch, then GridLok is the product you have been dreaming about.

Artist and producer Majool has painstakingly programmed every imaginable timing from whole notes to 192nd notes, in dotted and triplet values, in different waveforms, and polarities in the making of this product.

GridLok comprises 260 tempo-synced MIDI LFO templates for Logic Automation, saved within a single Logic file (Logic V5 and up is recommended). This a quick and easy solution for creating rhythmic automation patterns for all tracks within Logic (Audio Tracks, Instrument Tracks, MIDI Tracks, Aux Tracks, Busses and Master Outs).

The templates can be used to automate any automatable parameter within Logic or any MIDI device in the outside world. While tempo-synced, the templates are tempo independent since their original form is that of MIDI Controller Data.

As a groove-creator for dance producers, GridLok will both save huge amounts of time, and open creative doors. Using Logic's nifty conversion functions you are a few clicks away from having 4 bars of almost any rhythmic value as Sample-Accurate Track Automation Data. By copying and pasting different GridLok templates together and taking advantage of Logic's powerful event transform functions you can easily create your own interesting groove templates to suit your automation needs.

Logic versions/compatible products
Logic Audio

We strongly recommend using the included V5 and up (Logic Audio) file, which utilizes .MIDS instead of the objects, included in the regular V5 and up file. Using .MIDS puts numerous micro breakpoints in between larger breakpoints in order to simulate curve shapes.

In the regular V5 and up file, the files that contain curves are not displayed properly (i.e. Curves 1,2,3 and various Grooves), due to Logic Audio's limited automation features. While the files will work as intended, their visual display viewed as Track Automation or Hyperdraw will not be accurate. Once converted to Track Automation you cannot convert back to Hyperdraw data without destroying the curves intended shape and feel. Also, editing the various points on the curve will corrupt the shape and feel!!! Hence, we strongly recommend using the included V5 and up (Logic Audio) file which utilizes the .MIDS.

Using GridLok you can take advantage of various curve shapes, previously unavailable to Gold users! However, altering the type of a curve is only available in Logic Platinum using the curve tools.
Logic Gold

Using GridLok you can take advantage of various curve shapes, previously unavailable to Gold users! However, altering the type of a curve is only available in Logic Platinum using the curve tools.

They Say

"Gridlok is not only a useful tool, it is also an invaluable time-saving device...freeing up hours that would otherwise be spent labouriously drawing in control data...
"Gridlok's data files cover all the quantizes needed to create diverse rhythms and can be used to control a multitude of parameters from surround pans to plug-ins... a must for any musician/engineer using automation." -- tipper - fuel records/myutopia recordings - - -

"Yeh, they're really cool. I guess they'd be even easier to use with the new logic versions (I tested gridlok on 4.8.) it's almost like adding tempo matched oscillators and LFO's to your fave plug-ins, not to mention having tempo-matched "gates" on all yer tracks. A lot of fun, and a massive time-saver. I like!"
si begg - novamute records -

"Gridlok is gold for any producer... it's something i've wanted for a long time. With hours, days, weeks of time saved programming in control data, one can now combine Gridlok's already programmed collection of different rhythms and wave data to create further new, complex, intricate patterns, rhythms, and effects... I can spend more of my time producing and composing and taking the music to the next level, which ultimately is what music technology is all about." kenji williams of aba structure (as heard on john digweed's bedrock compilation.)
  • Tempo-synced MIDI LFO TEMPLATES for Logic Automation
  • With 20 slammin' groove templates to tweak even the most simple sounds into a sound designer's dream
  • Great for synth programming, sound design and music creation
  • Comes in .zip with the following data:
    GridLok V5 Logic Audio
    GridLok V5 Platinum and Gold
    GridLok V4.8
    Plus 2 additional folders of demo audio/MIDI material.
  • Instant download: start working in 2 minutes!


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