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S90 Under Control Master Class with Dave Bristow - Download Only

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Product Description

Expert insight into the S90, produced by KEYFAX NewMedia.

Format: MP4
Run Time: 2 hours
Language Tracks: English

* Please note that this download requires access to a high speed internet connection.

Control features and programming with Yamaha synth guru Dave Bristow

S90 Under Control offers a detailed look at the Yamaha S90 - it's control and programming features – under the tutelage of the legendary Dave Bristow, Yamaha's synth guru who programmed the original voices for the DX7.

Although made using an S90, this DVD can be used by S90ES owners who, for the most part, need only make ‘mental’ adjustments in terms of button names and placements, or types of storage media. (see S90 ES Viewers Guide below)

This 2 hour master class DVD is for the S90 user who knows how to access the presets and play, but who is either foxed by, or who simply hasn't explored many of the S90's features such as setting up external controllers, voice-editing, hooking up a PC, using some of the PLG cards, and many other facilities.

Filmed at Dave Bristow's Bainbridge Island studios, where he continues to work at the cutting edge of Yamaha synth technology, S90 Under Control provides the viewer with a huge amount of inside information of value to novice and mid-level user alike.

But rather than lecture or blind with science or marketing spin, Dave's style is more in keeping with a fireside chat or visit from an experienced friend over who's shoulder you can look, then listen and learn.

Dave Bristow is a master communicator who spent many years demonstrating Yamaha synths from the DX to SY ranges, and his ability to make potentially confusing information completely understandable is the DVD's secret weapon.

Dave Bristow presents potentially hazardous subjects such as voice editing in such a non-threatening way that even paid-up technophobes will soon be able to press ‘Edit' and tweak a parameter here and there to produce the precise nuance they want without breaking out in a cold sweat.

Invaluable, too, are Dave's insights into preserving polyphony, arranging your Performances so that you have a complete set of sonic tools at your fingertips, utilizing the PC for off-line storage, enhancing the S90 with the DX Board (what else!?), and much more.

Whether you are brand new to the S90 or have been using it for a while, S90 Under Control will open doors that will enhance your use and enjoyment of the instrument.

To complement the program Dave Bristow has also produced a complete 128-voice Voice and Performance bank entitled Mix ‘n' Match Essentials.

S90 ES Viewers Guide:

The major differences between S90 and S90 ES are capacity (polyphony, Wave ROM etc,) and connectivity. The S90 ES uses USB for data transfer to a computer or to a storage device. Where S90 Under Control discusses SmartMedia Card options and functionality this may be substituted for ‘USB stick’ (or equivalent) if you have an S90 ES.

mLAN was not an option on the original S90 so this subject is not covered in S90 Under Control. If you are interested in adding the mLAN card there is a short web video on the mLAN16e viewable from our sister site Finally, here are some unsolicited comments from an S90 ES owner:

“I have the S90ES but I bought the "S90 Under Control" video. Virtually everything on the video also applies to the S90ES. In one short segment of the video, Dave walks through the process of saving the multi information into sysex (system exclusive) within the smf file. (He's using Sonar in the video). He explained the process in simple terms and he shows you what he's doing. Highly recommended.” [Post from notesmith on S90ES Forum.]


Features and Specs
Panel Controls
Exploring Voices
Exploring Performances
Setting Up Controllers
Editing Voices / Creating Resources
Organizing & Creating Performances
File Management & Playing .MID Files
Connecting to your PC
Multi-Timbral Playback using your PC
Adding DX PLG Board
Using a Breath Controller
Controlling FX

Run Time: 2 hours
Languages: English
Format:  MP4 Video
File Size: 726MB

See video clip above.
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