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Motif XS Masterclass

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Product Description

Inside track from the experts on the Motif XS, produced by KEYFAX NewMedia.

Format: NTSC Video (All Region)
Run Time: 3 hours 15 mins
Language Tracks: English

The Motif XS is the latest in a long and illustrious lines of Yamaha workstations, and the Motif XS MasterClass is the latest in an equally long and illustrious line of DVD guides to this series of instruments.

The DVD is a series of practical guides and lectures, mainly from two of the most experienced Motif users in the world: senior US product specialist Tony Escueta (seasoned Motif users may remember him from the excellent video clips on using the Breath Controller and VL Board on the original Motif 'classic' DVDs) and Phil Clendeninn, a.k.a. Bad Mister on the Motif Forums.

The topics (see below for full listing) range from the seemingly simple and obvious (making use of panning facilities in a multi-instrument mix), to composing using multiple arpeggios, customizing effects, and much more.

Aiding and abetting Tony and Phil are two bonus scenes featuring jazz maestro Blake Angelos. On one, Blake reveals how he produces some of those stellar swing jazz toons for which he is rightly famous, and on the other he dives headlong into the tweaky world of Play FX.

Finally the Twiddly.Bits libraries (produced right here at KEYFAX NewMedia) are shown in action on the XS platform.

The DVD menu lets you either view the scenes as one long program, or you can view scenes in their task-orientated groups comprising Playing, Programming, and Composing.

While the World Of Motif XS DVD provides a basic grounding in the instrument, the Motif XS Masterclass, with its total run time in excess of three hours, will put you in the power user category of owner.

Due to inherent similarities between the instruments this DVD is equally applicable to the Motif XF. The XF's (new) sample management system is covered in "XF Fully Loaded," available as download, or on the Motif Library Card XF.


Composing with Arpeggios
Composing using the virtual band of multi-instrument arpeggios that live inside the XS.
Phil Clendeninn shows you how to start off using Performances with static arpeggiated
drums followed by 'fingered' arpeggiated bass and guitar parts and more.

Exploring Sounds & Editing
Approaches to sounds and Voice editing with Phil Clendeninn.

Creative Performances
Phil Clendeninn shows you how to add a whole new depth to your Performances using assignable functions, articulations, and controllers.

Sequencing With Remix
Advanced Pattern recording tools including Scenes and Remix.

Using Controllers
Tony Escueta shows how to set your hands free by using an FC-7 foot controller in place of the ribbon or mod wheel.

Exploring The Vocoder
Tips from Tony on setting up the vocoder in general, and producing scary noises in particular.

Expand Your Horizons with Panning
Pan is an easy to overlook parameter, but how you position sounds in a mix can have a considerable bearing on the clarity or power of your final mix.

Beyond Preset Drum Voices
In his own inimitable style, Phil Clendeninn digs into the drum voices; how they are set up and can be managed. The scene also offers some valuable insights into using FX processing on drums such as vintage compression.

Pattern Recording
Approaches to recording from selecting sounds, to using templates, setting up the different types of recording. Features a full explanation of Patches and Phrases.

Enhancing Drum Tracks
Tony Escueta provides at event editing in Pattern mode to spice up your drum programming.

FX On Drums
Phil Clendeninn looks at some of the interesting new 8-zone drum Voices and what you do with FX to enhance them.

The Power Of XS-ive Reverb
The whys and wherefores of using different types of reverb available on the XS. Includes the new damper resonance effect.

Creative FX
Tony Escueta explores applying and filtering turntable FX to a hip hop kit.

Customizing Guitar Sounds
Changing FX and other Voice parameters to create custom guitar sounds.

Using Twiddly.Bits Drum Libraries
How to load and use loops from the best-selling Drums & Percussion MIDI Sample library: auditioning, changing Voices, using them as idea-generators, inserting them into previously written material, and more.

Programming Jazz Drums
Blake Angelos provides wonderful hands-on advice about drum programming in general and specific Motif XS tips in particular.

Using Play FX
An easy to overlook but extremely powerful feature on the XS is examined in minute detail by Blake Angelos. Play FX give you the power of non-destructive editing when it comes to enhancing and developing beats.
Run Time: 3 hrs 15 minutes

See video clip above.
Please contact for any DVD support issues or questions.

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