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Mastering Services

Tischmeyer Mastering & Pro Audio Consultation


Master & Learn!


Mastering is far more than a one-way service. Tischmeyer Mastering & Pro Audio Consultation treats mastering as an interactive development process with a high degree of learning potential for the client.


If need be, mastering consultation can start almost before the first note is recorded and may include consultation about the choice of equipment, through mic-ing techniques, to feedback on mixes. All these involve a learning process that will help you to optimize your mixes that often may have been created in a compromised listening environment.


The ability to judge your mix in your own personal environment can be learned through precise feedback on a personal reference track to give you a good feel for the best balance of bass and high frequencies - the most problematic areas.


Tischmeyer Mastering goes far beyond the usual mastering process. Through this integrated approach you will be able to substantially increases the sonic quality of your mix and additionally have a personal learning experience.


Start the process by placing your deposit of $150 good toward the mastering of your first song. The pricing is transparent, affordable and fully under your control. See the Mastering calculation sheet for more information





  • Author of the Book & DVD series Audio Mastering and Internal Mixing
  • Inventor of the TT Dynamic Range Meter
  • Hundreds of masters for artists such as Eric Burdon, Johnny Cash, Steely Dan, Iron Maiden, Alan Parsons, Inga Rumpf, Joja Wendt, Doc Holliday and numerous independent artists of all genres
  • Leading audio industry specialist with contributions and columns in numerous Pro Audio magazines and guest speaker on Pro Audio panels
  • Consultation for public radio stations, Volkswagen, TUI group, audio software manufacturers and forensic work for litigations
  • Lecturer for 1000s of students, private trainer for professors of audio faculties in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, UK, USA and South Africa and assistant professor on international faculties such as University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna / AES Tonmeister section

Download Full Resolution Video:
The Mastering Process on Alan Parsons "All Our Yesterdays"



"Friedemann's masterful mastering gave my music real depth and sparkle. The album he worked on presented many audio challenges due to the variety of styles represented and the wide spectrum of sound sources. He worked skillfully to give the album coherence, clarity, and power. He's got great ears! I'd recommend him for any project." – J.S. CA