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Bill Bruford Audio CD

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Bill Bruford Audio CD

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Product Description

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“Innovative beats from a master”

Anyone, on a good day, can tap out a basic kick and snare beat and paste in some 16th beat hi-hats from a keyboard. MIDI drum kits are now sufficiently readily available that it’s feasible to generate some drummer-played files, too, without breaking either bank or brain.

Then you come across a player like Bill Bruford. Aha! OK. Now we’re talking about something entirely different. We’re talking about an innovative musician on the world stage, whose instrument happens to be drums.

That said, Packet of 3 is not something to be frightened of. Though you’ll find beats in strange time signatures, and with strange names (‘Klangfarben;’ ‘Swaggering In 6;’ ‘Urgent in 12...’) just call them up, listen, be inspired, and start playing. Hey, you’re playing with Bill Bruford, ex of Yes, Genesis, and King Crimson, and he won’t bite if you drop a note here and there. In fact he’ll just keep on playing.

This is the Audio CD version of a collection that has now also been converted into native Pattern format for the original Motif, and Motif ES (also compatible with the MO 6/8 and the Motif XS. As Audio, though, you can sample these beats not only into any Motif series instrument, but also any application capable of accepting audio data.

What’s On Offer:
Packet of 3 is divided into two main categories, acoustic (full kit, to tuned percussion), and electronic. The acoustic menu ranges from Bill’s idiosyncratic spin on funk to some definitive grooves in 7s and 12s and 11s. If your music tends to nestle in 4/4 then we won’t tell Bill if you snip out and loop segments that conform to your current time signature.

Bill Bruford was one of electronic drums’ most visible and earliest exponents, working closely with Simmons on the development of their ground-breaking drum range up to and including the SDX on which these loops were recorded.


Basic 4/4 Rock. Bog standard, Laying back in 4, Dotted sidestick, Half Time, Half Time Cowbell, Expresso, Fast Linear, 2 Hand Ride, 2 Hand Ride Funk.

Odd Meter 13/8 Funk, 11/8 Funk w cowbell, Laying back in 5, Swaggering in 6, More swaggering in 7, Urgent in 12.

Latin Funk. Sangria, Soft spidery songo, Cowbell funk.

Swing. Ping Pong up tempo, Swing song medium, Swing song fast half time feel, Brushed velvet, Brushed velvet faster, Brush rolls, Brushed velvet presto.

Percussion. Log Drum, Log drum fast, Hand drumming, Mini cups, Tambourine, Blocks & bells, Single hits of acoustic samples.


Industrial. Modulated hats, Proto punk, Industrial funk, Manacles, Manacles faster, Dotted 4/4, Klangfarben, Half Time.

Fnik. Fnik 7, Wobble blocks in 6/4, Fnik 6, Fnik, 9/8, 11/4, 11/8, Dotted four, More four, Faster four.

Percussion. Boobam rolls, Peacock gongs, Shakers, Starbells 6/4 & 7/4, Woodblocks 1 & 2.

Press Quotes:
"What you have here is a very flexible catalogue of one of the finest and most creative drummers around. An inspiring and well produced product." The Mix

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