Included with the Phat.Boy is a floppy disk containing 100's of MIDI samples from the Twiddly.Bits library. Also included on the disk are a number of very useful utilities (saved as MIDI files) which enable GS/XG users to get the most out of their units. Check the Phat.Boy manual for details.

Roland Products

It's possible with many of Rolands GS instruments, (SC88 Pro, M-VS1 etc) to turn the NRPNs on or off. In order the Phat.Boy works with these modules make sure the NRPNs are enabled. Please check your individual manual for this function.


Included on the Phat.Boy disk is a file entitled GSXGDRUM.MID. Load this file into your sequencer, solo track 4 and send the message to your GS instrument to turn the NRPNs on.


Phat.Boy V1.1 on software, serial No: PB0001118 on.

When using the Phat.Boy in conjunction with ReBirth it is possible to duplicate the use of 7 knobs therefore allowing access to the 20 possible controller functions within ReBirth. Do this by powering the Phat.Boy up whilst holding down the SNAPSHOT/RESET button. Assign the controllers transmitted in mode IV and then switch to mode V to allow the use of seven different controllers.

Akai SG01V & Korg N series keyboards and modules.

There are a number of different instruments which allow you to access their internal parameters using the same MIDI NRPNs as those of XG and GS.

The Akai SG01V is one of these but it is important to point out that its internal software doesn't support chorus therefore the chorus knob on the Phat.Boy, when tweaked, has no effect.

As with the Akai the Korg N series synths have one parameter that is not accessible via the knobs of the Phat.Boy. Resonance. The N series synths have no resonant filter.