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Yamaha Motif XF7 Keyboard Workstation with Free Bundle

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Product Description

The Free Bundle from KEYFAX Includes

4 GB Flash Drive

Mo'Phatt Voice Library

Cubase AI Tutorial

VST Mega Pack

Twiddly.Bits Drums & Percussion MIDI Samples



The stylish, new, black Motif XF7 is Yamaha's latest-generation keyboard workstation. Announced in Aug 2010 and shipping shortly thereafter, the XF takes all that was great about its immediate predecessor, the Motif XS, and builds on two key aspects: the voices and the storage capability.

In terms of voices, Yamaha has both added new Wave ROM and forged even greater relationships with key third sound designers and developers to increase the Motif's already-stellar third party support. In terms of storage capability, the XF7 comes with 128 meg of sample RAM as standard - not a huge amount but enough to do some quick sampling and/or check out and load one or two libraries - but the real kicker is that the XF7 can also house up to 2 gig of Flash RAM (see accessories). This means you can load in new sample libraries, switch off, turn back on... and there they still are!

And of course our associates over at carry the world's largest selection of Motif XF-compatible voices libraries.

Other eye-catching new features include Tap Tempo, Drum Editing in Mix mode, and a cool feature that lets you customize the screen coloring/styling.

The XF7 has 6-octave, synth-action keyboard.


Taking its lead from the XS, the voices is where the XF7 blows away the competition. With its competition-shattering 741 BM Wave ROM (double the XS and nine times the original Motif!) it simply sounds better than everything else. With its pianos, strings, basses, drums, woodwinds, vintage and modern synths, the XF7 has all the power and clarity of the XS, which become the envy of the world's keyboard manufacturers, and then some.

Standouts are the keyboards, including new samples from two classic Yamaha acoustics - (9 foot CF3 and a 7 foot S6). But also there are flutes to die for, punchy basses (acoustic, electric, and synth), and enough pads and strings to melt the hardest of hearts. From the XS there are an additional 128 Voices and 8 drum kits, which adds up to a massive total of 1,353 high-quality voices. And of course everything is editable if you need to indulge. Not only can you edit internally, there are both official and third party software editors.


The XF7 uses effects technology that both sounds like and IS expensive. Yamaha's proprietary VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) technology simulates the effects of vintage EQs, compressors, and phasers - at the 'circuit' level. This has enabled Yamaha to increase the voice quality by modeling the "texture" of vintage analog compressors, EQs and stomp boxes right down to the component transistors and resistors. The XF uses the same high-quality effects found in Yamaha's industry standard digital recording consoles. The XF also has a vocoder. By connecting a mic to the A/D input, you can apply effects to your voice or use your own voice to create harmonies. Also at your fingertips is Yamaha’s award-winning "REV-X" reverb, the same professionally renowned reverb found in the SPX2000.


Who needs a hardware 'recorder' these days? Well, maybe you do, even if you’re perfectly happy on Cubase, or Studio One. Several reasons:

The XF7 offers MIDI and audio recording in both Looping (Pattern) and Linear (Song) style. Pattern-based MIDI recording is ridiculously fast. You can build up beats in minutes, tapping into the XF's gargantuan library of sounds, calling on the army of backing players (you have more than 7000 arpeggio-d drumbeats, basslines and more at your disposal), dividing stuff into different Sections, applying FX, mostly without ever having stop the groove from playing.

Performances - basically highly infectious, mutli sound+apreggiod grooves - can be played and then simply recorded into the Pattern or Song recorder complete with all the effects and real-time nuances you enjoyed while playing them in Performance mode.

This feature alone could keep you in business as a beat or library music creator. In fact many people in these fields literally do just that!

Performances can also be directly as WAV format audio files, and played back direct from USB.

The serious-minded can also spend hours tweaking and experimenting internally (features like Loop Remix are inspirational) and when you’re ready you can send MIDI or Audio out via FireWire or USB or save to a thumbdrive... for mastering or continuing work on a DAW.


The XF7 is built like a tank. The keyboard is 76-note, FSX (initial and after-touch) action that plays fast but firm. Panel hardware includes a set of eight knobs and sliders for real-time mixing, real-time MIDI control (recordable internally or externally - extremely cool), or just hands-on parameter tweaking. A plethora of buttons flanks the good-size color (and color-switchable) LCD.

Finally, this is made by Yamaha. So, generally speaking, it doesn't break or stop working. Yamaha has spent 100 years + on this type of attention to detail. But if anything untoward does happen, again, it's made by Yamaha. We're talking quality service and backup.

In Use

At time of writing it's too early for sightings and user testimonials but new videos showing exactly how to manage the new Flash RAM capability, editors, and more is currently in production in the Keyfax video department.


FSX Keyboard (Initial Touch/Aftertouch)



Tone Generator AWM2 with Expanded Articulation
Polyphony 128 notes
Multi-timbral capacity 16 Parts (internal)
Wave ROM 741MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format)
Waveforms 3.977
Voices 1,024 Preset (64 drumkits) 128 General MIDI (1 drumkit), 128 x 4 User
Performances 128 x 4
Master Memories 128 User (8 Zones available)
Effects Reverb (9 types), Chorus (22 types), Insertion (A, B, L) x 53 types x 8 blocks, Master Effect x 9 types, Master EQ (5 bands), Part EQ (3 band stereo)



Samples Up to 128 waveforms (multi-samples). Up to 256 KeyBanks per Waveform. Up to 512 KeyBanks
Sources Analog input L/R, stereo out (resampling). FW (available when FW16E is installed)
A/D Conversion 24-bit, 64x oversampling
D/A Conversion 24-bit, 128x oversampling
Sample Data Bits 16
Sampling Frequency 44.1kHz, 22.05kHz, 11.025kHz, 5.5125kHz (Stereo/Mono), Sampling Frequency via FW when FW16E is installed
Sampling Memory (Internal) 128 MB Internal SDRAM.
Sampling Memory (Optional) Up to 2 MB Flash RAM
Sample Length Mono 32 MB
Sample Length Stereo 64 MB
Sampling Time 44.1kHz: 6 min. 20 sec. 22.05kHz: 12 min. 40 sec. 11.025kHz: 25 min. 20 sec. 5.0125kHz: 55 min. 40 sec.
Sample Format Original format, WAV, AIFF



Pattern (looping) 64 Patterns (x 16 Sections)
Song (linear) 64
Phrases 256 per Pattern
Note Capacity Approx. 130,000 notes
Mixing Templates 32 for all Songs and Patterns
Note Resolution 480 ppqn
Recording Real-time replace/overdub, punch-in
Tracks 16 Phrase Tracks, 16 sequence tracks (in Song mode)
Formats Recognized Original, SMF



Preset Arpeggios 7881 (approx.)
User Arpeggios 256



Pitch Bend wheel
Mod wheel
Ribbon Controller
Assignable Control Sliders x 8
Assignable Knobs x 8
Assignable Function buttons x 2



Display 320 x 240 dot, 5.7 inch graphic color backlit LCD
Outputs L/MONO, R (standard phone jack), Assignable L, R (jack), digital, phones
Inputs A/D input L, R (jack), foot controller 1, 2, foot switch x 2
USB To Host, To Device
Ethernet 100BASE-TX
IEEE1394 available when FW16E is installed
Dimensions 1,252 (W) x 391 (D) x 122 (H) mm
Weight 17.2 kg


Black is Back


To Live With Honor


XS'd Up


Your to Save



Founded by Keyfax NewMedia in 2001 for the original Motif and still in full swing. Join 30,000+ other Mo’Bros and Mo’Sis’s in this friendly, free-access community with forums, videos, tutorials, sound libraries, demos, and more.

There are pages and pages of support tutorials and documents – a goldmine of information.

The best product web support on the planet and even other manufacturers think so!

Yamaha’s own ‘synth-based’ site embracing keyboards, digital pianos, and electronic drums. Here you’ll find all the necessary drivers, software updates, manuals, brochures, and even some spectacular videos from around the world. Spectacular in the ‘What were they thinking?’ sense, that is.


The World Of Motif XS
Motif XS Masterclass

Coming Soon Motif XF: Managing Your Memory


Commanding the Yamaha Motif: Vols 1 & 2 are applicable to the XS series, whose basically functionality is shared by the Motif XF. There’s a lot of valuable insight into the inner workings of the entire XS/XF platform in these cost-effective e-books.

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