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Instruction for Music Production

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  1. Art & Science of Sound Recording - The Book

    Art & Science of Sound Recording - The Book


    Art & Science of Sound Recording - The Book Learn More
  2. Record Label Marketing

    Record Label Marketing

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    Record Label Marketing provides clear, in-depth information on corporate marketing processes, combining marketing theory with the real world "how to" practiced in marketing war rooms. This industry-defining book is clearly illustrated throughout with figures, tables, graphs, and glossaries. Record Label Marketing is essential reading for current and aspiring professionals and students, and also offers a valuable overview of the music industry. Learn More
  3. Keyfax 5

    Keyfax 5


    Published in 1992 along with its sister book Keyfax 4, this book concentrates on home keyboards, computer sound cards and Electric Pianos. Learn More
  4. Keyfax 2

    Keyfax 2

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    Published in 1986 Keyfax 2 is probably more popular now than it has ever been. From the Gleeman Pentaphonic to the Kinetic Prism to Roland Super JX, Julian Colbeck's definitive guide to electronic keyboards. Get this classic book while stocks last. Learn More
  5. Crash Course: DJ

    Crash Course: DJ

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    Crash Course DJ is the ultimate quick start guide to becoming a DJ.  Learn More
  6. Cubase 4 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide

    Cubase 4 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide


    Get ready to dive into Cubase 4! This book provides a thorough look at the most common as well as lesser-known features of this impressive digital audio production software. Beyond describing the features of the program and how they work, Cubase 4 Power! tells why to use certain features and when they are most beneficial to your project.  Learn More
  7. Tips For Recording Musicians

    Tips For Recording Musicians


    New edition of Tips for Recording Musicians, packed with invaluable hints and tips to help musicians and recording engineers get more professional results. Equipment - microphones, effects, tape machines, etc - arranging, production, and mixing techniques, plus separate sections on recording vocals, electric guitar, drums and acoustic instruments, synths and keyboards. MIDI is also detailed. Squeeze the most out of FX - delay and reverb, compression and gating - and pick up some great advice from SOS Demo Doctor John Harris from planning to post-production along the way. Learn More
  8. Quick Guide to Digital Audio Recording

    Quick Guide to Digital Audio Recording


    All modern music recordings use digital audio technology. Now everyone with a computer can produce CD-quality recordings and this book shows you how. Written in a clear and straight-forward style, it explains what digital audio recording is, how to use it, the equipment you need, what sort of software is available, and how to achieve professional results. Learn More
  9. Practical Recording 1 - Microphones

    Practical Recording 1 - Microphones


    Whether you’re in a recording studio, setting up onstage or recording an outside broadcast, choosing the right mic for the right job is only half the battle. You’ve still got to make sure it’s the right height, positioned correctly and connected up properly. And that’s before anyone makes a sound! Learn More
  10. Laptop Music

    Laptop Music

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    Are you interested in making music with your laptop computer? Maybe you already own one or are thinking about buying one. This book shows you what you need to get music out of your laptop - covering not only composition and recording, but also live performance - the most exciting development in 'electronic' music! Learn More

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