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FXPansion DCAM Synth Squad

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Product Description


DCAM Synth Squad from FXPansion is a truly unique group of instruments. This synthesizer replicates the sounds of true analogue gear with an easy to use software interface. At the heart of FXPansion’s synthesizer is a well-structured analogue-modeling core. DCAM recreates the feeling and sound of vintage hardware by replicating analogue machinery down to each individual circuit. This means that instead of a digital mess, the sound is processed through a series of replicated circuits that sculpt the sound in a structured order, so the final output is a recreation of the analogue equivalent. If you want perfectly sculpted waveforms this is not the synth you for. Imperfections are the essence of any analogue gear and FXPansion has gone the extra mile to ensure that DCAM produces organic, gritty, and tonally complex sounds. On top of that, a complex filtering suite is available to smooth out the raw waveforms into sweet, juicy, and musically pleasing sounds.

DCAM is loaded with three extremely different synthesizers and a fourth that can be used to combine all of them together! In the line up are Amber, Strobe, Cypher, and Fusor. Each has its own unique sound quality and application. As you become familiar with the four components of DCAM you will learn which instrument will be the most fitting for every situation. DCAM gives you complete control over your sound. Oscillators, amplifiers, frequency modulators, filter sweeps and more allow for total modeling and tone control.

And that’s not all. Amber, Strobe, and Cypher are virtual instruments but they can also be used as effect plug-ins! This means that you can use these plug-ins to filter any audio track. The modulation and oscillators can be used to add complexity to your tracks. In Cypher, external audio can be used as a modulation source. The extreme flexibility of DCAM as well as the diversity of sounds from Amber, Strobe, and Cyper makes this piece of software a great addition to any digital audio workstation.


Amber is modeled after the string ensemble synths of the seventies and delivers warm, lush, complex sound waves that truly sound analogue. It draws on several oscillators to produce its unique sound. The oscillators are routed through two sections, the synth section and the ensemble section. Each section has different resonate, format, and chorus filters which are ultimately combined in the final output of the voice.


Strobe is a simple yet satisfying synth due to its straightforward programming. It was designed to be easy to use and still produce amazing sounds. Strobe can be played as a monophonic or polyphonic synth. The filtering options include oscillation stacking, multimode filtering, and modulation parameters. Strobe comes armed with a powerful arpeggiator, direct modulation options, low frequency oscillators, and variable gate effects.


Cypher is based around an analogue FM model. It has three oscillators to give you total control. The oscillators create continuous variability and true sonic depth because they are constantly modulating each other. Furthermore the FM modulation section has the functionality to tune in precise harmonics. The oscillator sections are fed into two paths so that each can be filtered individually. Dual filtering and gritty distortion make Cypher an extremely versatile instrument.


If Amber, Strobe, and Cypher aren’t enough on their own, Fusor takes DCAM to a whole new level by providing a place where all three can be combined into one instrument patch. Fusor allows you to layer sounds, set up keysplitting on your keyboard, and add additional filters or effects. Also built into this amazing tool is a very useful step sequencer, called Animator. This gives you complex arpeggios and real time control.

At a Glance

When you buy DCAM your not getting just one instrument. You get three unique and tweakable virtual instruments, plus a powerful tool that can be used to filter, sequence, and combine these instruments into mind blowing analogue soundscapes.

System Requirements

  • Minimum specs for standalone operation @ 256 samples / 44.1kHz
  • Strobe/Amber/Cypher: 2.0GHz Intel Core (or AMD equivalent)
  • Fusor: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (or AMD equivalent)
  • 1GB RAM free
  • Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1 (32-bit)
  • Mac OSX 10.5.7
  • 350MB of hard drive space
  • Low-latency audio interface
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Internet connection

DCAM - Song - Big Chill - Rory FX


DCAM - Song - Dragon - Drew FX


DCAM - Song - The Diamonds Hurt My Face Bruv - Drew FX


Fusor - Electro Synth Squad by Rozzer


Strobe Patchen Sun


Amber Glowing Circuits


Amber Rezzure Day


Cypher Fat Electro Bass


Cypher - Funky Nightmares


Cypher - Memories of a Droid


Cypher - Song - 2 Osc FM - Robert Elster


Cypher - Song - Tweaks - Robert Elster



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