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FXPansion BOMB BFD2 Expansion Pack

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Product Description


BFD BOMB Expansion Pack stands for Big Orchestral Marching Band. This expansion includes orchestral and marching band drum samples at unsurpassed quality. The BFD platform gives these new samples total flexibility. BOMB includes 38GB of new samples to expand you BFD experience. The marching snares have huge punch and the quad toms provide an often-needed alternative to normal toms. Cymbals are varied and versatile and will never fail you when you need that extra touch of something different on your track. The big orchestral sounds include chimes and timpani covering one and a half octaves for creating expressive percussive melodies. Each is recorded with felt and wood mallets for even more options. Although these samples were originally created with orchestration in mind, they can be employed in a variety of different musical genres. BOMB comes with four tonal bass drums that can be used to create sub bass lines for thumping hip-hop tracks or bass heavy electronic music. The marching band section includes sharp and aggressive snares, full toms, and unique cymbals. These can be used to add new dimensions to ordinary percussion tracks. As with all BFD products BOMB comes with fresh new grooves including drum-corps, marching rhythms, and hip-hop beats.

About BFD

If you already have BFD then you know how this plug-in can immediately transform your drum sequences from mediocre to outstanding. True drum samples and an arsenal of articulations for each cymbal and drum give you the feeling and realism of a true drummer. The samples were recorded at AIR Studios in London so you get great quality and with the BFD interface you get total control.


If you have BDF2 then you know how powerful and versatile the drum software is. BFD BOMB expands your collection of drum samples giving you even more choices and flexibility when composing orchestral music.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP1 or higher, Vista 32, P4 or better CPU (Windows)
  • OSX 10.4, G5 or Intel CPU (Mac)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 40 gig HD, 7200 rpm
  • DVD drive
  • Internet connection for product authorisation
  • Registered copy of BFD1.5 or BFD2

Microphones and signal paths

Focusrite Red preamps were used for all direct channels.
Bass drums Shure Beta 52, Neumann FET47
Snare Drums Neumann KM184 B (top and bottom)
Quad toms, hand cymbals, suspended cymbals and FX Neumann KM 184 B
Overhead Crown PZM30GPG (2) into Neve console preamps, Royer 122s in a Blumlein pair, into Vintech Dual 72 preamps
Room Neumann U89 (omni) (2) into Focusrite Red preamps, then into SSL bus compressor
Alternate Room (PZM/Amb3) Neumann KM83i (2) recorded with a Jecklin disc into Neve console preamps


B.O.M.B. Kits


Drum and Bass


Electronica Drum Corps


Hip Hop Street Beats


Hot Rod Shuffle Street Beats


March Beats 1


March Beats 2



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