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FXPansion BFD 2.0 Drum Production Workstation

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Product Description


BFD2 by FXPansion is a truly amazing piece of software. If you are triggering the samples from an electronic drum set, MPC, keyboard, or simply sequencing your drums in your digital audio workstation, BFD2 will bring your drums to life like never before. BFD2 is easy to use and will integrate seamlessly with your workflow. Containing over 55GB of unique drum samples from a variety of professional drum kits you will never need to look further for a complete drum solution. These samples were recorded at AIR Studios in London and are unsurpassed in quality and realism.

Creating Drum Beats

The total flexibility of BDF2 allows you to choose from a variety of real drum kits or mix and match drums and cymbals to create that perfect kit. Each drum and cymbal contains several articulations, which leads to total flexibility. Meaning you can get multiple voices from a single ride cymbal (crisp, crash, and bell), several voices from the hi-hat (tight, slightly open, half open, completely open, choke, etc.), and a many voices from the snare (hit, ghost note, roll, rim click, rim shot, etc.). These articulations make it possible to create extremely expressive rhythms including ghost notes and complex hi-hat patterns. BFD2 has a humanize feature, which can be adjusted so your quantized beats sound much more natural and realistic.


BFD2 has its own mixer so you can fine tune the volume of each drum. Adjust the dry/wet signal for each microphone, mix microphones inside and outside of the bass drum, and mix top and bottom snare microphones to get everything sounding just right. BFD also comes with several preset mixers so you can jump to a good mix and finely tune from there. Ambience, reverb, dynamics, flange, distortion, and delay, are just a few effects that allow you to create sonically impressive drum parts.


If you are tired of unrealistic and synthesized drum sounds then BFD2 is the ultimate upgrade to an amazing arsenal of real drum samples.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP1 or higher, Vista 32, P4 or better CPU (Windows)
  • OSX 10.4, G5 or Intel CPU (Mac)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 60 gig HD, 7200 rpm
  • DVD drive
  • Internet connection for product authorisation
  • VST, RTAS or AU compatible plugin host



Hey Liverpool


Nice Trip




El Paco




San Lourenco


GOGO Drums - Phil Hernandez


Some 70's Garage



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